Saturday, April 21, 2007

A talk with a hypocrite

Hey people here is a talk between two people. Me and my friend. Please feel free to comment on who is a hypocitre in this talk me or the other person in question.

P.S: Please ignore the spelling errors...plz feel free to leave ur comments...

jayanush: ok
tukkun has his ent exam tomorrow na
me: donno
jayanush: ok i asked the wrong person
3:27 PM me: guess ask tukun
jayanush: u don seem to be like his elder bro only
me: no is ******** cont code 0091
jayanush: whose tukkun?
3:28 he has a mobile also
me: u know typing error
india moble extremwly cheap
jayanush: sooo
3:29 PM wat
did u hav a mobile in 11 and 12
me: so even the bai in my house has a mobile
I had in 9th
jayanush: anyway i don encourage the fact
3:30 PM me: well coz u r dumb and overprotected
We were always alone so we had cells
jayanush: xcuse me i do have a cell now
me: I know
jayanush: i was only telling abt school jayanush: i was only telling abt school days
me: I say a 6610
3:31 PM but in school days also many people had
Our school policy allowed us
jayanush: dumb school
me: well no its one of the best in india
3:32 PM but i agree]
I hated that school
jayanush: ya ya!!!! one of best in spoiling students
me: what eva
u r extremely stubbon
how does a cell spoil someone
3:33 PM jayanush: it only makes the kid used to more luxury in life and at a point where there is no need
me: why
3:34 PM how luxury
Its a necessity
U can't do without one
U travell alone u get lost call ur dad
Ur late call home
Mum wants to know how ur doin she calls u
3:35 PM U have a stay over u have a contact
So thats luxury
jayanush: so dumb and reply didnt people work without cell ph earlier
me: wake up dear.... Technology is meant to make life easier
if u have it use it
3:36 PM and if its afforable use it even better
jayanush: yes but only at the right time
me: well so it was the right time
jayanush: not wen u r in grade 4 5
me: we were 14 - 15
I was in 9th
not 4 5
3:37 PM jayanush: thats also young now the gen will move to the 4 and 5 class too
me: and now a days a kid in 6th should be give a cell according to me
jayanush: there is no end to it
me: there is
not on birth
cell phones are like telephones ore tvs released 35yrs ago
3:38 PM pple din't think it was necessary
I am studing in a course abt communication
all abt cell phones and stuff
the whole point of it is to make it affordable and available to all
3:39 PM jayanush: anyway each one has aviw point i don agree to it doesnt mean u will also fall my way
so lets just stop it
3:40 PM me: ok still I don't get it you think like ur in 1990's only the rich used it as a fashion statement
well its wrong to give a 12yr old a camera phone
but not the idea of a cell phone
3:41 PM ok gimme ur point of view
how do u think on me having my own website...???
Is it wrong I don't need it
jayanush: even today there are tons of people who don use cell phone and they still exist and are happy and communicate much well than most of us doo
me: but I have one any way
3:42 PM Ok then they must stay two doors away from each other
and they probably don't live in the same society as u and I do
Its all together different
3:43 PM Like if u rn't computer literate ur obselete
worth less in the society
much like that
3:44 PM a cell is important
Even if some think its a luxury
jayanush: anyway there are goods and bads to it and as i said each has their own view point
3:45 PM me: The govt realises this... They offer high susidies to the cell companies so that its affordable to all
U have to change ur point of view anusha....!!!
Its all messed up
embrace technology as it comes
3:46 PM It's not for status symbol
Its for making ur life easier
jayanush: i do but i am only against the age factor of it
me: U can avoid it deeming it un-necessaru
well I guess a 4rth 5th standsrd guy needs it as much as I and u do
3:47 PM Did u use the phone when u were in 2nd and 3rd
well u did
I know that
no if you could use a phone
jayanush: i used the phone only wen i was int th 6
me: then ten yrs alter why not a cell phone its cheaper than a landline
ok thats a big bluff
ok 6th ok
3:48 PM jayanush: u can ask anyone i dint have the necessity
me: well most 'normal' peple did
I don't know about you
3:49 PM jayanush: as t is these are causing soo many health hazards for people like us then why start it at a young age itself
3:50 PM and because of tech itself now a days kids have soo many prob which a person may hav only at the age of 40
at least htis can be avoided
3:51 PM it looks like we are not the masters but the tech is a master and whereas we hav only invented it
me: ok u r wayoff
am studing this stufff and its loads of bull crap
3:52 PM the phone comp which could not progress to this age keep crapping abt it
that way u should not step out in the sun or else u will get skin cancer
3:53 PM in abt 40 yrs
jayanush: that is also a cause done by us
me: If u use a cell for 200yrs tehn the radiations emmited will probably mutate one brain cell of urs
jayanush: man invents things to kill man itself
3:54 PM me: well u should have been born in stone age
jayanush: thats a point to agree upon
me: U would have had no problem
well life expectancy went up by 30 yrs since 20th century
its not goin down
3:55 PM medication and bio-electronics give life to people who would have been thrown out in no time
frm the society
3:56 PM both provide sight to the blind, provide bones and motor to limbs of the sick and disformed
3:57 PM so U say that all this discovery is all about just killing him
its true every civilizaton destroys itself
jayanush: i am here not talking abt bio
me: well ur talking abt tech
jayanush: whichhas improved for the better i agree
me: bio is all abt tech
jayanush: w are talking abt cell phones
me: had electronnics not existed
3:58 PM creating new compounds would not have been possible
cutting open people with laser beam whould be impossible
jayanush: cell phone is also tech and wen some one is taliking abrt cell phone and i betwn u use tech means it refers to cell phones
3:59 PM me: and communicating or video conferencing to teach a operation to a rookie in another countries operation thereater would be not possible too
jayanush: any way the conversation is only moving towards nothing so i will stop here
me: no
it is all abt cell phones
4:00 PM lets see I will give u an advantage of cell u gimme a disadvantage
jayanush: i knw u r practicing ur theory for exam i dont need it now
me: the person who out numbers the other loses
wins I mean
4:01 PM no we don't have a subject called ethical use of technology
I am using tech to talk to you peope dont even know exist
Prob neither u
I use a data card for net
have u heard abt that
4:02 PM jayanush: yes
me: its a cell phone miniature version that goes into ur lap top
so see I am actually using a cell to talk to u
jayanush: hav u purchased it wid ur money
me: Its an integral part
jayanush: no na!!
me: why...???
4:03 PM jayanush: ur money means u have earned for it
me: well yes its a part of my education cess
u see I am studing a tech course
4:04 PM I need net connect at aby time to complete work
I use a data card
Its chep
cheaper than a land line
so u see my point
jayanush: u have comp at col too us it
me: well our coll gives lap tops to all the students joining the course
we use it in class
4:05 PM Its an inseperable part of our curiculm
so u see comps in coll arn't sufficient
my coding and designing assignments are done in my room using my laptop
4:06 PM Ok do peple a favour.
since you hate tech so much
don't chat with people
don't use ur cell
its harmful
4:07 PM u will die by 40
and live till 60
well also dont eat processed food its all tech developed
not ur kind
grow ur food in ur backyard
jayanush: no no u get me wrong just because i made a statement saying students in school don need it doent mean that i am againt the whole invention process
4:08 PM me: bye I am seriously frustrated by ur talk
totally opressive to the fact
well I will tell u why
its like
4:09 PM Our parent din't have cars in coll
but today when u go to colleges people have car's and bikes
so its a luxury
they should not be given then
its all not ethical
4:10 PM grow up if u have the means then make ur life comfortable
jayanush: ok then pls check out for one of the opera shows and do let me knw even if the world is like me or no
me: no way is ur tech goin down the drain that if u get used to it it will ruin ur life
4:11 PM well oprah is a stupid
jayanush: u r just deviating from it just for the fact that i said i am against the fact of kids in scholl..................
me: woman who uses eevry thing she is against
does she not have a roller
well she does
jayanush: god only knws for wat u have given this bhashan on other things
me: but then that makes her a hypocrite
4:12 PM 4get I said na
don't use any tech
jayanush: xcuse me pls don even comment without waching the episode
me: my parents din't have a car till they were 30 they don't need one
doesnot mean I don't need one
people used trains earlier
flights were piontlessa nd expensive]
4:13 PM but not now
jayanush: pls first watch the episode and then u can argue
me: well its all hypocrism
]when its out of reach u critizise it
then u don't when its in ur reach
jayanush: ya ya u r the only right person in the world
me: I know I am right
4:14 PM nothin to be sarcastic abt
Just proves u have nothing to say against wht I speap
a guy who watches oprah is definitely gay
so I ain't watchin ot
4:15 PM gtg
jayanush: any way my life is not going to changr be cause of it
so ...............
me: ok what ever
jayanush: i don care on wat others say too
4:16 PM me: check my blog I will put up this conversation as it is and lets see what people have to say
ok bye

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My college MAkes me Sick...

I had my grade improvement exams today, at least that what the application paper said when I had applied for the paper, but then what happened today made my feelings of hatred towards my college reach to its as of yet and increase my dislike for the director to the limts...!!!

I gave a real cool paper, expecting about 16 or 17 in my paper out of 20, but then I get news on our directors new brain-wave. The college scraped grade improvement exams option so the maximum grade I can get is a disgusting E an improvement from F, but with the internals I was developing I would have got a sure C or B if I did better... I feel lost and defeated...!!!

How can they announce new rules in mid-sem and charge a fee in the starting of semister for grade improvement exam...!!! Is this professionalism...???

Friday, April 13, 2007

SO Do u hate Banks...???

The other day I went bankrut, well common for an engineering student but thats not because I went around splurging like other students, it was because, the ICICI students account has some dumb policy which stated that my account had to maintain a quarterly balance of about 500bucks.
It is an account I have kept so that all the money given to me by my acquaintances on the festivals would be deposited and I would grow the balance, but as the world works it all went other wise and 500 was all that I kept in it, the rest of it was always spent, and god knows how I managed to do that. Well now you see for the past few months we have had no festivals of note so I did not bother to touch or even monitor the activity of the frigging account.

Well, well, well, time passed and recently my parents went out of the country, then terror struck I have a general account that has to maintain a quarterly balance of about Rs.5000 a quarter. I was on 1000 on this account so I thought since its only going to be a few weeks I shall with draw some money from my other account (the students account) when I go to take a mini statement to my utter surprise and horror I find that the balance had become 387 Rs. The money was withdrawn my balance without the bank ignoring to inform me that the money was sent to me (well I thought so, actually I did receive a message on my cell which I never bothered seeing :))
Now I began to panic and I withdrew from my general account the money I required, and so for another week till my balance was nil in that account. I hit the panic button and went for what ever cash I had in my students account. Well without bother to check my balance I punch in for 200 bucks into the machine and to my utter horror the machine displays a message that I had not that much money I my account. I was shocked, on checking out I found that the bank had fined me 300RS for not maintaining a quarterly balance more that Rs.500.

Boo-hoo-hoo, I had officially become bankrupt (well not theoretically but practically, yes, because I still had Rs.87 in the bank balance). Now this was plain evil.
Why cannot they have an account for people like us, or as a matter of fact why the quarterly balance wala funda, why not yearly balance or say festival to festival...??? Is it really that hard, or is it that people are taught the hardships of life via the bank too...???

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ever felt cheated for four rupees...???

If you have ever bought a ‘Times of India ‘, Mangalore edition you would know how frustrating it is to live in a town like this. The bloody Sunday Times news paper is only 16 pages thick, as much as the frigging Bombay or Delhi Times we get back home and it is a dumb-witted news paper with good loads of gossip. The Sunday times here is charged about 4 and ½ rupees but the paper leaves you feeling a sense that you have been cheated and ripped off…!!! Now that is a new feeling because I always bought a news paper to while away my time with unnecessary news and loads of crap, number of times never completely finishing or rather half way through the whole paper (owed to the fact that in the metros you get infinite number of supplements) and here it hardly a matter of ten minutes and your news paper is over which is sans news or gossip. I pay for a paper to read the ads that are printed on it….!!!

OMG I feel cheated...!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Has Cricket Been Corrupted to its bones...???

In the recent past we have seen India and Pakistan, two great teams a capable candidates for the WC title buckle down under pressure and lose to the under-dogs namely Bangladesh and Ireland...!!! Now. was that a schoker eben for the most sckeptical Indian fan like me who considered that the teams stood no chance in winning the 'World Cup'.

The crown of cricketing glory was lost by these to nations I a rather flimsy fashion, like they were determined not to put up a fight and lose the title on purpose... I am hinting on the fact, that the matches were fixed...!!! But, can the gods of cricket, the players have the audacity to let down their followers for a couple of bucks in the bank, I think no it's not possible because its a kown fact that even if the team loses in a decent fight to the successor, Indian and Pakistani fans are very sporting countries and would not go picket the stores owned by these cricketers or boycot the brands advertised by these palyers...!!! My conclusion is that it was brotherly love and affection that led to India forefiting its game to Bangladesh because pakistan lost to Ireland...(ohk thats all for the kidding part...!!!)

We should seriously consider why the once gentleman's game is now so tainted and has blood in it's hand (fact confirmed by Bob Woolmers death...!!!) The game has been hyped to the extent that the direct method to fame which was allocated to bollywood has now been bestowed upon to cricket... Play a game for the country and you have the money to live you life in the lap of luxory and comfort for etrnity).

So what can be done to bring back cricketing to its original state... I am lost and seriously hope that something is done soon by someone way smarter than me (Not necessarily that he has to convince me that he is smarter than me coz I can solve a rubik cube...!!! :)...) to bring back the old spirit to this game.

Cricket is a game which united and strengthened the bond of 'loveship and franship' between counteries and I would love to see that trend uphold... :)
Cheers to the game and boo the corruption...

Oh do notice the ads I AM GETTING PAID FOR THEM....!!! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

For Long I have been wanting to write on this...!!!

Many of us who have studied the old english and then the new english, have noticed the slow transition in it... From thou, art to you etc. Well now a days you get to see a new meaningless form of engish which I am confident and sure would make the words I use now totally redundant and probably grant me 'Shakespear' status (Wishful thinkin...!!!) and my blog like a great piece of litrature(again wishful thinking...!!!)

So is any body confused about what I mean by the next generation, Well here is an example.
'D modrn dy sodomisatn of d eng lang hs reched d eptom. U ned 2 wrk-ur-ass off / need 2 b smrt enugh to read dis stuf fast enugh to undrstnd...!!!'
Unfortunately I guess I am not 'smart' or 'modern' enough to understand how this language works (though I can solve a rubik cube...!!! in under 10 minutes...)

Here goes out a humble appeal to all those smart people 'dudes' who save time on writing the whole word or invent new ones, please stick to the standard short hand notation or you officially get classified in the dyslexic category (not necessarily by me...), also to oxford, please launch a new dictionary which contains only shorthand , used in smsing, scrapping, writing blogs etc...
I wager it will do very good business...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

How would I have been better off..???

Would have I been better off being a painter a guy who expressed his feelings in just a few strokes of paint and one paper or am I better off being an engineer...???

Well for starters I would say my future is pretty secure now that I know that I will have a degree to give me a footing in the society and a source to earn my bread, but come on cut me sme slack am I really doin this for the footing, blah blah... No I am doing it for a personal satisfaction...!!!
I am doin it to see that if I look back tomorrow and I see what has led to my present state I don't regret it...
Charles Brown sucked at art yet his ideas worked his job flourished and he was a multi millionare the createor of Peanuts... He made all those big bucks just following his dream is it not...???

He was rejected by 'Disney', man must have he been dis heartened...??? But did he give up on dreams... Well it paid off Literally...

So life sucks...!!! Big deal... So gr8 guy once said its not what you are at the end of the day but how you got there that counts and that's all that matters...

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